Acrobat Recruiting has evolved from more than 25 years of working with clients as if they were the only engagement we handle and treating all candidates with respect and dignity.

While we are not magicians, we are ACROBATS continually juggling the art of candidate/client interviewing process, offer negotiations and background and reference checking. Along the way, there are normally “bumps” to be smoothed, clients with high expectations seeking the perfect candidate and candidates who need guidance through the entire process from interview through offer.

Our mission is finding the perfect candidate cultural and skill fit. Nothing gives us more pleasure than a client who tells us how much they like their new hire and can’t imagine how they lived without him/her.

Acrobat Recruiting is a SEARCH FIRM in the true definition of search which is defined as “to uncover, find or come to know by inquiry or scrutiny, look through or explore by inspecting and read thoroughly”. What this translates to is our commitment to be single-­minded and laser-­like when conducting our search for our clients (many of whom have been with us for two decades or more).

Not all firms take this approach as literally…we do. Our clients and candidates alike understand we have their best interests at heart at all times. We don’t send candidates off on a “wild goose chase” nor do we ever send our clients a pool of unqualified applicants. Our commitment is to screen, qualify, recommend and make efficient use of our client’s time.